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The AN-M8 HC Smoke Grenade is a weapon in the Crysis series. In game, the KPA or the US Marines are seen using them to signal helicopter drop-offs, but never use them for combat advantage.


The Smoke Grenade is primarily used to mask the player's movements, as well as blocking enemies' sight, as they will typically stop firing if a Smoke Grenade explodes right in front of them. This allows the player to approach the enemy or reposition themselves without being attacked.

The Smoke Grenade is also a useful close quarter combat equipment. By throwing it into a building, the smoke will block occupier's sight. This allows the player to charge through unprovoked.

It can also be used as a distraction. Throwing a Smoke Grenade in front of a barricade of enemies or a heavily defended area will alert the enemies and trick them into focusing on where the smoke is coming from. This allows the player to easily eliminate them or evade them with less opposition noticing their presence.


  • The in-game Smoke grenade uses a recoloured version of the M84 Flashbang.
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