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The AY-69 Micro Machine Gun is a subcompact weapon designed and used by the KPA that appears in Crysis Warhead and Crysis 2. Like the Pistol, it can be dual-wielded, wherein the left gun is fired by holding down the left mouse button or trigger and the right gun is fired by holding down the right mouse button or trigger. In Crysis 2, dual-wielding is not possible.


The AY-69 is a more powerful sidearm than the pistol. Although it is ineffective past short range, the AY-69's high rate of fire can typically eliminate the average enemy trooper relatively quickly.

If dual-wielded, holding down both the left and right mouse buttons will make both weapons fire at once. The combined fire of two AY-69s is very effective against personnel in close quarters. However, the heavy recoil will make it difficult to hit a target past short range. Beyond medium range encounters, a more accurate weapon such as the SCAR or FY71 are more effective.


First-person view of the Crysis 2 AY69.

The silencer attachment increases the AY69's usefulness, allowing for quick close-range kills without alerting the surrounding enemies.


The AY-69 has a high rate of fire and inflicts moderate damage. It has a reasonably large magazine, can be dual-wielded, and its ammunition is readily available, making it one of the most reliable close combat weapons in this game. It is also a great alternate primary weapon if the player does not have a close range weapon.


The AY-69 expends its ammunition very quickly, forcing the player to reload often. It cannot be used effectively beyond medium range without aiming down the sights or switching to semiautomatic fire, and its single-shot damage is inferior to the pistol. Also, in Crysis 2, you are unable to attach a silencer.

Additionally, the iron sights are moderately misaligned in Crysis Warhead, going up and to the right of where the sight shows, which can be seen using a laser sight attachment. You’re better off with the Pistol if you want an accurate sidearm.


Accuracy: 3

Rate of fire: 8

Mobility: 8

Damage: 3

Range: 3


Crysis Warhead[]

  • Pistol Laser/Flashlight module
  • Silencer

Crysis 2[]

  • Extended clip
  • Reflex sight
  • Pistol Laser dight


  • The AY-69 changes firing sounds when it is put on semi-automatic mode.
  • This weapon is inspired by the real life Heckler & Koch MP7 submachine gun.


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