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Crysis Warhead levels:
Paradise Lost

The third level of Crysis Warhead. It centers about Psycho wakes up in the frozen part of island, his pursuit for the container and teaming up with Eagle Team to complete their mission.


Psycho has been captured by KPA soldiers. He is tortured by Colonel Lee as the Colonel taunts him. He is able to escape after the Ceph Spaceship creates the Ice Sphere. He wakes up, taking some weapons with him, then takes the hovercraft and begins chasing after Colonel Lee, who is driving another hovercraft away with the container. After a long pursuit through many places. Psycho loses Colonel Lee from his sight.

He encounters a Hunter fighting KPA Nanosuit soldiers. He passes through them and moves on, fighting some Cephs and meets up with Eagle Team. They clear their path through Ceph forces and manages to reach the tunnel, where another Hunter blocks their path. Psycho and Eagle Team fight it and manage to destroy it, they then move in to the tunnel, to the next place.





Pickup some weapons and try to eliminate KPA Nanosuits, take their weapons. When you are in the pursuit of Lee, avoid Scout attack and listen to Emerson. When you see the first hunter, go cloak, let them fight each other. Upon meeting up with Eagle Team, use common tactics to clear your path until the Hunter is destroyed.


  • There is a plothole about the time, Nomad escapes from the alien ship and quickly manages to reach the edge in time. While Psycho takes hours to reach the mine, yet Prophet is reported to be found in Below the Thunder. This however may be because of the alien ship has frozen the part that Psycho is before freezing the other part.
  • The hotel from Call me Ishmael can be investigated by the player again, in frozen version.
  • Sometimes the Hunter that fights KPA Nanosuits may die, specially if there are some moddings.
  • A frog is found inside a bathroom inside a cafe near the area where KPA forces fight the Hunter.
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