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Air Stomp is a singleplayer and multiplayer Nanosuit Armor Module (Power in Singleplayer) that allows the user to perform a downward slam that can kill anyone within a limited radius in one hit.


Air Stomp animated

Air Stomp being used in Multiplayer

The Air Stomp is activated when the player jumps a cosiderable height then press the [Crouch] button. The resulting attack consumes any energy that the player has. There is a recovery time after the attack, before the player can move or do anything, during which he is vulnerable. This can be solved with the third module upgrade. The second upgrade nullifies falling damage and can be used to conserve energy which would otherwise be lost using Armor Mode to soften the fall. While in the process of smashing, the player is immune to fall damage. In singleplayer it is located on the Ring Finger (Power Modules) in the Module Section and is unlocked for 4000 Nano Catalyst. In the campaign, having this module on nullifies all fall damage even without having to air stomp. This can be tested on the level Dead Man Walking by jumping off at the beginning.


  • Upgrade II - nullifies the damage a player takes from falling long distaces.
  • Upgrade III - reduces the recovery time after Air Stomps.


  • In singleplayer, when the player's weapon is lowered so they cannot attack, they can still airstomp, though it will not damage scripted npcs (i.e. Colonel Sherman Barclay).