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The "Airfield" is a place on the Lingshan Islands. It is located southeast of the Alien Mountain, and a distance next to Hongzoo Harbor.


The airfield is located between mountains, its hangars are built inside the mountain with internal spaces for storage. Its area is relatively flat despite being built between mountains. It has parking lots along its only runway and also built into the mountains.

During Crysis Warhead[]

The airfield was first held by KPA forces, until they are repelled by US forces, who continued to use the airfield for awhile. It was tactically an important place on the island, along with Hongzoo Harbor and any other important places. It was used to store ammunition, cargo, supplies, aircraft and some ground vehicles. It is later taken back by retreating KPA forces. Sometimes after KPA forces have taken the airfield, Colonel Lee takes the container to here and wait for an extraction to his own country.

Psycho is ordered to invade the airfield alone, which he effectively clears the airfield and successfully recaptures the container, although he later has to find a more powerful radio to call in an air extraction to extraction the container to the USS Constitution. Psycho fights his way through KPA forces, and successfully reaches the control tower. He soon calls for an extraction, but the massive Alien Warrior appears with a large Ceph force to capture the airfield and retake the container.

The Red Hunter is quickly spawned by the Warrior and takes its action in clearing the airfield supported by multiple Troopers and Scouts. KPA soldiers attempt to fight, but they are overwhelmed, so they cease their fire against Psycho. Psycho helps them eliminate some of the Ceph and reaches the Red Hunter. With some help from Sean O'Neill and KPA soldiers, he finally takes it down and extracts the container back to the USS Constitution. The airfield is however taken back by the Ceph as the Warrior comes back to clear whatever is left behind, including Colonel Lee who has lost to Psycho and been knocked off from O'Neill's VTOL. Any survivors are presumed to be eradicated or hide in the mountain.


  • It is attacked and captured several times.
  • US Forces around the area are presumed to retreat as there are no US vehicles or important equipment found outside.
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