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Crysis 3
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Maximum Radar

EMP Blast

Maximum Nanosuit


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Team Instant Action



Airport is a multiplayer map featured in [[[Crysis 3]].


Airport is a large multiplayer map set amidst the wreckage at New York City airport (although can be seen inside the terminal to be renamed "Nathan-Gould Airport"). This airport terminal makes up half of the map, one quarter is purely trenches and sewage tunnels that allow for quick movement between the two latter areas and a last quarter of flat, open ground with around two buildings (and, later in the Team Deathmatch, a Pinger.)

During the beginning of the match, players will massacre each other around the crashed plane - you can either get down into the action personally, or use the terminal's vantage points to eliminate everyone from a distance. The VTOL is quite useful for this particular map as the open ground usually renders the enemy vulnerable to overhead fire, and the Pinger can be extremely effective with its sonic pulse when the enemy have nowhere to hide.