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Airstrikes are one kind of attack performed by fighter aircraft dropping bombs on certain targets. They can be called via laser-painting through the binoculars in Crysis and Crysis Warhead..


Airstrikes are first seen in Relic. As Nomad travels along the river, two jets fly and drop some bombs. Later in Assault, Nomad has to clear 3 SPAAAs to allow the jets to come and destroy a cruiser in Hongzoo Harbor. Nomad is commanded to laser-paint the cruiser, as he does so several jets can fly in and drop bombs on it. Airstrike appears again in Onslaught, after Nomad clears 3 SPAAAs around the valley to munition dumb village, he is again commanded to laser-paint the munition dumb. It is last seen in Reckoning as a Jet flies to the Lingshan Islands and fires a nuclear missile against the Ice Sphere, however causing it to expand and cover most of the island.

Crysis Warhead[]

The cruiser airstrike in Hongzoo Harbor is seen in the introduction cutscene, more airstrikes are seen again in Call me Ishmael, as Psycho approaches the shore, Sierra Team deploys several heat decoys along the beach and drops the bomb a bit after that. In the ending cutscene of the level O'Neill runs away from 2 KPA jets, dropping heat decoys in the process just before being taken down by one of the jets.


  • The munitions dump in Onslaught can be destroyed manually, not necessarily via an Airstrike, though this saves all ammunition.
  • While airstrikes in Crysis use typical bomb drops, those in Crysis Warhead use heat decoys as well.
  • If the munitions dump in Onslaught is destroyed not via an airstrike, an airstrike can still be sent to destroy it even though it is already destroyed.