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All the Fury

The final level of Crysis Warhead. It is about Psycho's mission to capture the Container before leaving the island to the USS Constitution.


After failing to save the wounded marine's life (Timmy Bandage from the game file) and killing the disabled Korean Nanosuit soldier, Psycho continues to proceed to the airfield to complete his mission. He infiltrates the airfield and successfully locates the container, where he fights the KPA soldiers and is able to secure the container. He attempts to call for an extraction, but fails because of the Ice Sphere keeps emitting radio jamming signal. He then proceeds toward the control tower to find a more powerful radio. He fights his way through a vast KPA force, and still able to find the radio. He calls for an extraction, but the massive Ceph Warrior appears, and the VTOL pilot replies that his VTOL is full. O'Neill quickly comes back to take this mission. Psycho is ordered to eliminate any Ceph forces around the area and secure the container. The Warrior spawns the Red Hunter, a more powerful variant of Hunter, to take care of enemy units around the airfield. O'Neill tells Psycho to investigate the crashed C-18A Skylord. Psycho takes the PAX gun, the Plasma Accumulator Cannon, from the crashed aircraft, allowing him to destroy the Red Hunter and other Ceph units. Psycho and O'Neill then move for the container. They are interrupted by Colonel Lee. Psycho fights him, and quickly overpowers him. He leaves a wounded Lee on the ground as the Warrior comes back and presumably kills Lee. Psycho and O'Neill then head back to USS Constitution.





  • This mission is the remake of the Airfield level of Pre-Crysis, which was not integrated into the full game. In this level, Nomad has to fight a Hunter along with fellow marines and now-friendly Korean soldiers.
  • After the Warrior appears, KPA troopers ignore the player. They can be used as targets for aliens and you may help them protect the airfield. After the Red Hunter dies, the surviving KPA still ignores you.
  • This is the first level in one of two levels in the Crysis series where the human antagonistic faction starts off fighting the player, but later ignores the player, even after all aliens in an area are killed. The second being Masks Off in Crysis 2.
  • The crashed C-18 is available in the Crysis game files.
  • A frog is inside the KPA control tower. Find the kitchen, open the middle freezer, and you will find it. Grab the frog and if you have grabbed and thrown all previous frogs, Psycho will say, "Oi, not bad. Back to work!!"