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The Anti-Tank mine is an explosive device used by the KPA. A single mine is powerful enough to cripple or severely damage a tank. However, the light attached to it makes it somewhat easy to detect and subsequently avoid.


In single player, it only appears in Crysis Warhead. The safest way to use it is to watch a tank's movement in Cloak mode, then place the mine in the tank's path. The player should attempt to remain cloaked, or the tank may spot them and divert from its course.

In multiplayer, the Mine is useful for denying enemies certain pathways. A small group of teammates may place a handful of mines on a road that is frequently used by vehicles. They should also be adequately spaced apart, so they do not chain-react.


  • The Anti-Tank Mine is probably based on the Croatian TMRP-6, although the Anti-Tank Mine in Crysis has a shallow body with a wide pressure plate.
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