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Proximity alarm armor module

Armor modules enhance a players toughness and, overall, increase his survivability.

Here are all the armor modules that are available in Crysis 2.


I. Perform a powerful downward attack when in the air.

II. No damage suffered from falling long distances

III. Faster recovery after Air Stomp attacks

I. Highlights incoming bullet paths

II. Highlights incoming grenades

III. Highlights nearby explosives

I. Automatic warning when an enemy is nearby

II. Increased warning frequency when an enemy is nearby

III. Maximum warning frequency when an enemy is nearby

I. Reduces drain speed of energy in Armor mode

II. Increases movement speed in Armor mode

III. Protects against the Nanosuit Jammer bonus

I. Faster health recharge

II. Faster suit energy recharge

III. Shorter delay before health starts recharging

I. Delays the detonation of nearby enemy grenades

II. Delays the detonation of enemy explosives

III. Provides an automatic defense against missile attacks

I. Provides double protection against damage.