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Armored personnel carriers or APC are heavily armored transport and combat vehicles. Certain APCs are amphibious.


In Crysis 1 ,the standard APC resembles a US Bradley (Box shaped hull), while the Amphibious resembles a LAV (being longer and narrower)

In Crysis 2 , there are 2 kinds of APCs; the ICV (Infantry Combat Vehicle) and the APC. The ICV is Equipped with Laser Guided anti-armor missiles, an autocannon and an HMG. While the regular APC is missing the turret and is only equipped with an top mounted HMG

In Crysis 3 it keeps the LAV apperance and lacks the HMG only version


The primary armament is a rapid-fire autocannon that can tear through lightly armored vehicles and infantry with ease. The secondary armament is an anti-tank missile launcher, which is highly effective against all heavily armored vehicles.

In crysis 2 & 3 they are equipped with a 50 cal HMG mounted on the top of the turret which can be ripped off


APCs in real-life are designed for troop transport in addition to combat. This is also true in Crysis, though there is a higher emphasis on combat. APCs are highly destructive and the it's weapons will annihilate unprepared enemies. VTOLs and WZ-19 Attack Helicopters can be quickly destroyed by this weapon. Tanks and other APCs are your main threats with any form of APC and thus should be priotized and are also prime targets for your missiles.

Some APCs are amphibious, though not all, so make sure you know before trying to enter water. In water they can only travel at around 9 mph. Up to 17 if using the booster. When not in water they travel at 35 mph and 40 when using the booster.

In Crysis multiplayer a good strategy to clear a bunker is to try to fire the APC's rocket through the small "windows" (Firing Ports), as only the APC's ammunition can pass through them, detonate inside and cause massive splash damage to infantry inside.

The APC and ICV are not present in multiplayer for Crysis 2 and Crysis 3, though they do appear as drivable vehicles in their singleplayer missions.

Singleplayer Presence[]

in Crysis 1 enemy KPA owned APCs appear throughout the game ,with heavy presense on levels like onslaught and form a formidable threat to a player without Tanks due to rapid and high damage of the auto cannon (Along with it's splash damage) ,but be it rarely they do appear in that fashion and you lack the ability to use any in the Campiagn

In Crysis warhead

In Crysis 2 however they appear more often (be it the APC version rather than the ICV normally,however this is flipped durning the drive to the Lab)

In Crysis 3 they appear extremely rarely compared to two and are generally more often vehicles the player uses


C4 Placing C4 on a patrol route can prove an efficient way of destroying an APC. Cloaking and waiting for the APC to come near and laying the C4 on the APC will also work.
Mines Using mines is straightforward so long as the APC's path is known.
Missiles It will take around two missiles to destroy an APC.
Tank cannons It will take around two hits to destroy an APC, or one with M5A2 cannon shell.
MOAR Like most vehicles, the MOAR will instantly freeze the APC, which allows any damage to shatter it.
Grenades The main body of the APC is invulnerable to grenades, although they can damage the other components like treads, engine and turret.
Gunfire APCs are highly resistant to gunfire. The Gauss rifle will deal minor damage against subsystem components but cannot destroy the APCs.
Punches Strength punches will do nothing to damage it.


  • APCs are invulnerable to grenades, while tanks are still surprising vulnerable to grenades.
  • Previous model of the APC also exists. It has explosive reactive armor on the front, a small internal compartment and relatively small turret. Surprisingly, it comes with textures, though unprepared.
  • Crysis 2/3 APC's resemble Terrex AV82.
  • Generic APC is clearly based on M2/M3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
  • In Warhead, the APC's autocannon firing rate is slower.


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