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The Armored Security Vehicle or ASV is a vehicle featured in Crysis Warhead. It is designed to support infantry.


The ASV is a small armored military car that bridges the operational gap between the APC and LTV.

It is the most common vehicle after the LTV, appearing in all levels except Below the Thunder. Its role is to support infantry by giving cover and using its heavy weapon to eliminate enemy units, as well as serve as armored recon. It has seats for a driver, gunner and a passenger, making it relatively unsuitable for transportation purposes.


The ASV is armed with either an AHMG-138 or 20mm cannon. The AHMG is a more powerful version of the Hurricane minigun with much higher damage output, while the 20mm cannon is a devastating anti-vehicle weapon, capable of shredding other ASVs, Trucks, LTVs, or even APCs with sustained fire.


The ASV is more armored that the LTV, allowing it to survive longer in a firefight. The weapons mounted on the ASV are more powerful that the standard Gauss, Shi Ten, and MOAC/MOAR turrets on the regular jeeps and can easily take down infantry and lightly-armored vehicles.


The ASV is slower than the LTV as the highest speed it can achieve is nearly 40 mph. Like the jeep, it is vulnerable to tanks and APCs, despite the heavy weapons mounted on the ASV.


In singleplayer, the ASV is used mainly for infantry support, escort, and armored reconnaissance. The ASV is generally effective against all infantry and light vehicles, although heavily armored vehicles such as tanks and APCs are generally more powerful and should be avoided.

In multiplayer, the ASV is only available in Crysis Wars. They can be used for supporting friendly units and fighting lighter vehicles, as well as intelligence gathering mission.

The normal attainable speed is around 32 mph, with the NOS booster it will be nearly 40 mph at maximum.


C4 Placing C4 on a patrol route can prove an efficient way of destroying an ASV. Cloaking and waiting for the ASV to come near and laying the C4 on the ASV will also work.
Mines Using mines is straightforward so long as the ASV's path is known.
Missiles The most effective weapons against ASVs, a single LAW rocket will take one down very quickly.
Tank cannons A single hit will destroy an ASV.
MOAR Like most vehicles, the MOAR will instantly freeze the ASV, which allows any damage to shatter it.
Grenade A well-placed frag grenade will heavily damage an ASV, but multiple are required to destroy it.
Gunfire ASVs are very resistant to gunfire, although the Gauss rifle will cause more damage. MOACs are somewhat less effective than conventional gunfire.
Punches Strength punches will do only a little damage.


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