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All the arrow types in Crysis 3

Arrows are projectiles used with Predator Bow in Crysis 3.


Arrows are only used with the Predator Bow, with a variety of 4/5 types. The carbon impact tip is reusable. Electro arrows prevent scorchers from Self-Destruction. Airburst fragmentation tips will explode on proximity. Super thermite tips explode with extreme damage. Recon arrows, found only in Multiplayer, let the player tag his/her Enemies.


Use your arrows wisely, as arrow crates are uncommon. Always collect carbon impact arrows shortly after firing them, or they will 'disappear'. Also, if an enemy is pinned to a wall (use the maximum draw weight), players must manually collect the arrow when prompted. Carbon impact arrows are ideal for C.E.L.L operatives, as most of them can be killed with one shot. Save the other types for vehicles and heavily armored Ceph.


  • When a super thermite arrow is 'attached' to a C.E.L.L operative, the soldier can be heard screaming. Other operatives will attempt to escape before the arrow explodes.
  • Electro arrows are surprisingly effective against the helicopter in the first mission.