"Now let's get these babies up that valley and give General Kyong a warm Idaho welcome!"
Major Strickland

Assault (Crysis)
Crysis levels:
Paradise Lost

Assault is the fourth level of Crysis. It centers around the United States Military invading the island and battling KPA forces protecting Hongzoo Harbor.


The level starts when Nomad, Psycho and a few Marines are transported to a landing zone conversing about the Nanosuit. The VTOL cannot reach the harbor because there are still multiple active Korean SPAAAs, so instead it lands at a forward outpost. Nomad meets up with Lieutenant Bradley, who instructs him to destroy the SPAAAs so the U.S. Fighters can bomb the KPA Cruiser.

Nomad destroys all the KPA forces and eliminates two SPAAAs, but he is informed by Psycho that there is one more inside the harbor. After infiltrating the harbor, He and Psycho destroy the last SPAAA. Major Strickland orders him to deactivate a radar jammer on board the cruiser, and Nomad does so. Finally, Nomad targets the cruiser for an airstrike, and it is sunk. Several VTOLs deliver some tanks including Major Strickland's to assault the Korean positions.





  • If the player tags the cruiser while still on board it, Major Strickland will comically warn the player to find a safer location to call in the airstrike.
  • There are bottles and bananas scattered all over this mission.
  • This is the only level to not feature any Cephs at all.
  • The player can get on the boat when he/she marks it when off the cruiser and then jump on it when it sinks.
  • When the player goes through the hallway when the cruiser sinks, the player is stuck inside.
  • All the tables, KPA forces (if the player didn't kill the ones on board), and furniture disappear when the cruiser sinks.
  • Lt.Bradley says there is an artillery strike from the harbor, but when the player get inside the harbor there is no artillery gun. He may be referring to the Korean SPAAAs.
  • There is a radio inside a shack before the player meets with Lieutenant Bradley. It listens to chatter between pilots talking about attacking the harbor.
  • In the sound files of the game, Psycho talks about about a waste water system going under the pier. But actually there isn't a thing like that and you can't hear him say it. Also he mentions that soldiers are unloading C4s to a warehouse. Again, you can't hear him say it.


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