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The assault scope is an attachment in the Crysis games. It's a small scope with a large, black crosshair, and providing 3.5x zoom magnification when used.


A common attachment throughout the series, compatible with most rifles and shotguns. All incarnations of the SCAR, the FY71, the Crysis MPX8 Submachine Gun, DSG-1, Grendel, XM2014/Marshall and all iterations of the Gauss Rifle accept it, as well as others.


The assault scope is primarily used to engage enemies at medium range; particularly when you're wishing to focus down one enemy at a time. In essence, you trade away most of your peripheral vision for a focused view on the target. The zoom it gives when used is just enough to make it easier to engage enemies from medium-range, and at this range, the crosshair is thick enough for you to easily line up targets, and thin enough to be full aware of any of the target's movements.

Even though it's technically a scope, it's not recommend to use it for long range combat. The zoom is not quite strong enough to easily see long-range targets, and the crosshair presents difficulties identifying targets at extreme ranges, particularly in low light situations.

In Crysis 2, since the sniper scope is not available for most automatic weapons, it is recommended to use this attachment for distance combat.



  • The Crysis assault scope is based on the ACOG Gunsight.
  • It has an unusable BUI (Back-Up Ironsight) built on the scope.
  • The Crysis 3 assault scope seems to be based on the ECLAN Specter DR.
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