Assault Scope
Assault Scope

MPX8 Submachine Gun
Gauss Rifle


3.5x zoom with crosshair

The Assault Scope is an attachment in the Crysis games. It is a scope that has a large, black crosshair and provides a small zoom when used.


It is used in conjunction with the SCAR, FY71, MPX8 Submachine Gun, DSG-1, XM2014 and Gauss Rifle.


The Assault Scope is primarily used to engage enemies at medium range. The zoom it gives when used is just enough to make it easier to engage targets from medium-range. At medium range, the crosshair is thick enough for you to get a lock on target and thin enough so that the user can still see movement of said target.

Even though it is technically a scope, it should not be used to engage targets at long range. The zoom it has is not strong enough to easily see long-range targets, and the thick crosshair can easily block a target that is not in the center of it.

In Crysis 2, since Sniper Scope is not available for automatic weapons, it is recommended use this attachment for distance combat.


  • The Assault Scope is based on the ACOG Gunsight.
  • It has an unusable BUI (Back-Up Ironsight) built on the scope.
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