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The Autocannon is a medium caliber (generally from 20mm to 57mm) weapon capable of rapid firing. In both Crysis and Crysis Warhead, Autocannon ranges from the 20mm SPAAA automatic cannons to the 30mm automatic cannons on APCs.


Autocannon is a combination of a large caliber cannon and a machine gun, resulting in a rapid firing weapon capable of delivering high damage at a constant rate. Autocannons have lower damage than a typical tank cannon and a lower rate of fire than an automatic weapon, but they are generally effective with wider range of targets.


The high damage and splash damage combined with a fast rate of fire makes it effective against multiple targets and vehicles. In multiplayer, it is the most effective weapon at destroying automated turrets due to its huge amount of starting ammunition and high accuracy, making an effective anti-turret weapon.


The Autocannon is ineffective against tanks and heavily armored vehicles as it takes more than ten shots to damage a tank beyond 60% and there are a limited amount of missiles on the ICV.


Autocannons come in many forms, from the low firing rate Anti Vehicle 20mm Machine Gun, devastating 20mm AAA Autocannons, to the overpowering APC Autocannon. It is best to know about specifications of each one.

APC 30mm Autocannon[]

Mounted on APC, this Autocannon is similar to many real life Autocannons mounted on IFVs. It deals even higher damage than the KPA tank cannon, while at the cost of having a low rate of fire. However, this is decent in destroying SPAAA from the rear, LTV, truck, helicopter, and even tanks with a large number of shells spent.

Anti Vehicle 20mm Machine Gun[]

This weapon only appears in Crysis Warhead, it has a low rate of fire but deals high damage, sufficient to kill a generic KPA infantry in a single shot. It is best used against vehicles like LTV and ASV. This weapon is capable of causing a massive amount of damage to generic vehicles. This weapon is also an effective anti-personnel weapon as it has a very high accuracy. A mounted variant can also be found in game[1].

VTOL 20mm Machinegun[]

This Autocannon is only found in Ascension and through changing the modification tab of a VTOL. This weapon is a very devastating Autocannon, due to a machine gun-level rate of fire gives it a capability to destroy every target with a few shots, as it does with Ceph Scouts in Ascension. It is however overheated quite easily.


  • The weapon mounted on the APC appears to be based on the M242 Bushmaster Autocannon in terms of damage, but its design bears a heavy resemblance to an M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun.
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