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Harold "Aztec" Cortez was a member of Raptor Team. He appears in Crysis.


Aztec is of Latin American descent and is most likely Mexican according to the game guide, as evidenced by his name, codename and a few phrases of his.



Aztec's demise

He is with Nomad and the rest of Raptor Team in the beginning of Contact. When the HALO jump is disrupted, he lands off-target and his parachute gets caught in a tree, leaving him dangling upside-down. As Nomad and Jester are on their way to help him, he radios in that a four man KPA patrol is near him. Soon afterward, gunshots are heard along with a strange sound. Aztec then yells through his radio before crying out for help. When Nomad and Jester find him, his corpse is dangling upside-down in the tree, nearly torn in half. Prophet then remotely incinerates Aztec's remains to prevent the KPA from gaining access to the Nanosuit. Jester remains to clean up any other evidence of American involvement.


"Madre Santisima! ("Holy mother" in Spanish)"
―Aztec crying out in horror over his unknown killer.
"No temeré mal, no temeré mal, no temeré mal ("I'll fear no evil" in Spanish), Prophet Help Me!"
―Aztec pleading Prophet for help when the killer attacks him.


  • Aztec is the first named character to be killed in Crysis.
  • Aztec is voiced by Rene LeDesma.
  • Aztec's dead model is reused in Crysis 3.
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