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Stephen "Bandit" Johnson is a member of Eagle Team appearing in Crysis Warhead.


Stephen "Bandit" Johnson is a member of the US Army Delta Force's Eagle Team. His real name was not revealed until Crysis 3 in a C.E.L.L. Datafile.

Crysis Warhead[]

Bandit is first introduced in Adapt or Perish along with the rest of the team. He helps out Psycho to fight his way to the tunnel. After learning that Bear is MIA, a Ceph Hunter attacks him and his team. Bandit helps Psycho in killing the Hunter. The team then proceeds through the tunnel. In Frozen Paradise after leaving the tunnel he and Eagle head of to the Pacific Shores Mine, while Psycho chases Colonel Lee.

When Psycho arrives at the mine, Bandit and the others help fend off the attackers, while Cupcake is priming the C4. After another Hunter attacks and accidentally destroy the blockades at the mine entrance, the team and Psycho separate themselves again. Emerson tells that Eagle is under heavy attack but still alive. As Psycho passes through the tunnel in Below the Thunder, he learns that they are alive and are heading back to the USS Constitution.

Crysis 3[]

It is revealed in 2047 that at least a part of Eagle team survived the events of Lingshan Islands, but was captured, along with Psycho by C.E.L.L.. They were skinned from their nanosuit and rescued by the underground Resistance in New York City. He was last seen assisting Psycho is recovering Prophet and the Nanosuit 2.0. Shortly after the recovery, he and Dane plant explosives. He was killed along with Dane during a carpet bombing shortly after detonating the explosives.


  • Got a little something on the radar! You might want take a look.
  • Positive contact!
  • That reward's as good as mine!
  • Romeo One. Moving to target. Over.
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