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Binoculars are an accessory used in Crysis and Crysis Warhead. They are used to scout, recon, and find targets with a powerful zoom. The Nanosuit's Binoculars are integrated within the helmet and are controlled by a wheel located on ear level of the helmet (only seen in Crysis Warhead).


Crysis/Crysis Warhead[]

  • Zooming: A Binocular's most basic capability. The Nanosuit's binoculars can zoom about 8 times, although the HUD shows 6 times.
  • Tagging Enemies: The Binoculars can tag an enemy, ally, or vehicle, and they will be shown on the HUD Minimap. This can be useful if enemies are using rader jammers, however the radar is only ever jammed in Contact. Tagged enemies can be seen through walls and other solid objects if the Nanosuit Operator is close enough to the enemy. Additionally weapons carried by enemies are highlighted to the Nanosuit user.
  • Locating Objectives: This is in conjunction with the Nanosuit's Minimap. All objectives an the Minimap are seen as a romb with a circle inside it above the target when the player looks through the Binoculars. The romb will also split and show the name and distance to the target if the player centers the Binoculars upon the romb.
  • Enhanced Hearing: When looking at enemies (KPA and Aliens,) the sound of their movement and anything else they are interacting with become extremely clear and audible.
  • Painting Targets: This is used to help jets lock on a certain target and then attack with a guided missile or projectile. This is used twice in Crysis, in Assault and Onslaught.

Crysis 2[]

Main article: Visor

The Binoculars, integrated into a new Tactical Visor mode for the Nanosuit 2.0, play a slightly more vital role in Crysis 2. They can be used in conjunction with Nanovision. It has the new ability to tag weapons and also can search for points of entry (Tactical Options Available) when performing a mission.