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Philip "Blue Dog" Taylor is member of Eagle Team appearing in Crysis Warhead.


Phillip "Blue Dog" Taylor is a member of a US Army Delta Force unit, Eagle Team. His codename is referred to only once when the Hunter attacks in Adapt or Perish while he and his team approach the tunnel, and Dane says "Blue Dog stay clear of his feet". His real name was not revealed until Crysis 3 in a C.E.L.L. Datafile.

During Crysis Warhead[]

Blue Dog is first introduced with his team in Adapt or Perish. He helps Psycho proceed to the tunnel. After Bear has gone MIA, the group is attacked by a Hunter, he along with the others fight it, and successfully kill it. As they move through the tunnel, Blue Dog goes with his team to the Pacific Shores Mine, while Psycho is chasing Colonel Lee.

When reunited again with Psycho at the mine, he helps in fending off the attackers, while Cupcake primes the C4, the team is attacked by another Hunter, that accidentally blasts the entrance to the mine. When Psycho enters the mine, another cave-in prevents Eagle Team from entering. Commander Emerson says that Eagle is under heavy attack but still alive. As Psycho proceeds through the tunnels, Emerson tells that Eagle Team secured their position, and are heading back to the USS Constitution.

After Warhead[]

It is later revealed in a datafile that he died during the 2023 Incursion.


  • "Hey Psycho! I thought you dealt with these bastards! There's a metric shit ton of them!"
  • "Holy shit! Here they come!"
  • "This fucking thing's got to have eyes or something, let's find them and break em."
  • "They're on me, I'm getting careless!"
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