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The Bolt Sniper is a Ceph-constructed weapon featured in Crysis 3, where it serves as an alien sniper rifle. It is the first Ceph weapon to be used in the game, first appearing in Chapter 2, where Prophet uses it to eliminate a CELL weapons system on a tower. Like the Pinch Rifle, the Reaper Cannon, the Incinerator and the X-PAC mortar it will reduce the player's field of view. Bolt snipers are wielded by Ceph Shadows.


The Bolt Sniper fires an extremely powerful bolt of electricity that can destroy most enemies in a single hit, even the incredibly resistant Ceph Pinger if hit in its weak spot. Due to its electrical nature it can be fired at pools of water enemies may be standing in, and if they are standing within the blast radius, it will electrocute and kill them instantly, and if multiple enemies are close enough, the bolt will pass through all of them and kill them.

The fire rate is very low and the ammunition consumption per shot is very high. It comes with a very high range built-in scope which cannot be removed. As with all Ceph weapons, it cannot equip any attachments.

In-Game Stats (Crysis 3)[]

Accuracy: 10

Rate of fire: 2

Mobility: 2

Damage: 10

Range: 10

Stability: 3


  • The Bolt Sniper's "scope" appear to be concealed behind a panel when the weapon is not in use. The panel opens and the "scope" coils out. The scope itself consists of a screen that the user looks into and two small tentacles that, presumably, have the optics within the tips.
  • There's a rare glitch found in mission 2: Welcome To The Jungle; when you find the bolt sniper to destroy the missile tower, it won't have any ammo, making the level impossible to complete.


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