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CELL Repressor APC

C.E.L.L.'s APC (not to be confused with C.E.L.L.'s ICV) is only seen in the early portion of Crysis 2 on the mission Gate Keepers and is used by C.E.L.L. in the mission it is seen in to provide back up to already present C.E.L.L. soldiers fighting the Ceph.


The main advantage of the APC, is it's versatile and powerful HMG, and being able to carry an additional 3 people over the LTV giving a numbers advantage. It's build suggests it is more durable than that of an LTV as well. It's size and 8 wheels however, do suggest it is slower than the LTV, such as the ICV (as you cannot drive the APC, it's hard to test).

Carrying Capacity[]

The carrying capacity seems to seat 6 people; 1 driver, 1 gunner, and 4 passenger seats in the back (indicated by the amount of "flaps" a soldier could open on the top of the vehicle). However it's possible an extra passenger could fit next to the driver, making for an additional 4 extra passengers over the LTV.

In Crysis 3, multiple broken and rusted APCs' are strewn about the place before observing the Liberty Dome's tower. What's different about these APCs' however, is they seem to be larger than the APC in Crysis 2 when standing next to it. Furthermore, the back of the Crysis 3 APC shows a total of 6 seats in the back, making for a possible total of 8-9 people. It is unknown if they are the same exact APC, the noticeably aged state of the APC would suggest so. But as the top of the APC in Crysis 3 is missing, it's impossible to see how many "flaps" are present to compare the two. But should they both have 4 flaps each, it would still make sense, as the APC has (what look like) doors on the sides, as well as a main door at the back, making for 7 possible exits at least.

It's possible for game play reasons, the Crysis 2 APC can only seat 4 soldiers due to the soldiers having to occupy actual space, not just disappear into the vehicle like other games.

In Crysis 2 remastered the inside of the APC has 6 seats. Though it is possible that the inside only has 4 seats in the original game.

Usage and tactics[]

Although only seen in combat in the campaign once, we can deduce by it's name alone: Repressor, that it is meant to be used to quell a threat before it becomes fully functional, or to not allow an threat to occur in the first place. Judging by it's carrying capacity being larger than other vehicles, occupying an area (as seen in the mission it's used in, as well as C.E.L.L.'s entire purpose for being in New York employed by the US) seems to be what it'd be effective at, to shutdown an area.

It's lack of treads, like every C.E.L.L. vehicle, suggest the vehicle was not intended for use outside of developed areas. The lack of protection for the gunner suggests either the vehicle itself is not meant for actual combat, but plays more of a supporting role (like allowing for better occupation of space using 5 people and an HMG), or they took a page out of America's World War II tank gunner doctrine of using the top gunner to attempt to fend off attacking aircraft (considering C.E.L.L. is a daughter of Crynet, and Crynet a subsidiary of Hargreave-Rasch Biomedical, Hargreave's knowledge of flying aliens can support this, which would also explain the emphasis on armour-piercing rounds with most of their weapons).


  • The base structure of the vehicle resembles that of an FNSS Pars.
  • As Crysis knowingly dabbles in biology, this is also seen by the name of the vehicle. A repressor is a protein that inhibits the binding of another protein, which inhibits the creation of further protein production. This could be an analogy for not allowing the threat to replicate itself or create further products.
  • In a Crysis 2 intro, where Prophet is seen overlooking the battlefield filled with C.E.L.L, Prophet looks at a Repressor APC, and it is seen that the APC has another alias: VL-90 APC.