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The Sentinel is a type of hackable C.E.L.L. defense turret featured in many Crysis 3 levels. These turrets are typically fixed in place to guard a C.E.L.L. structure, and will fire at the player on sight like other enemies.

Note that other, similar types of C.E.L.L. defense turrets exist, such as the C.E.L.L. Unmanned Ground Vehicle.


Most turrets can be hacked by using the visor. Hacking turrets can be a useful way to take down other enemies - once hacked, turrets will begin shooting other enemies for a set period of time.

The standard C.E.L.L. Sentry Gun can be destroyed with most weapons, but more complex turrets like the Nexus power turret can only be destroyed with highly explosive weapons like the JAW or explosive Arrows.


  • The Nexus power Sentinels and UGVs can detect the player when cloaked.[1]
  • Sentinels can fire indefinitely.
  • Sentinels are equipped with an HMG.
  • Once hacked, turrets will not become hostile again, but will not keep shooting enemies unless repeatedly hacked.