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Call me Ishmael
Crysis Warhead levels:
  Call me Ishmael
Shore Leave
Adapt or Perish
Frozen Paradise
Below the Thunder
From Hell's Heart
All the Fury

Call Me Ishmael is the first level of Crysis Warhead. It centers about Psycho first act of the day after he has separated from Nomad.


Game starts with a scene showing Psycho watches a KPA cruiser being bombarded by US Air Force. He moves out, US marines invite him to get onboard their truck. The convoy continues, until it is under an attack led by Colonel Lee, Psycho jumps off the trucks, and takes care of KPA soldiers, he jumps back to the truck, protecting it until the lead truck is overturned. He helps the marines until a VTOL arrives and pick them up. The VTOL is shot down.

Psycho wakes up, getting a marine out to other marines. They give him an order to find better position for them. Psycho moves out, passing through many obstacle, until he reaches a destroyed village. An EMP blast is caused, and knocks Psycho, then a helicopter with a large container appears. Psycho then moves out, fighting some KPA soldiers until he sees daylight. Psycho is given an order by Emerson, a JSOC operator, to disable a propaganda radio, he follows, and destroys the radio. He then fights his way to the hotel. He clears the hotel and moves on for the next mission. A cutscene actives, showing multiple Su-27s chasing after O'Neill as he is still piloting his own F-35. After some maneuvers, the Korean jets take down the F-35, forcing O'Neill to eject from his own aircraft and hiding.





  • In the hotel, there are some stuff like golf trophy, and news paper about many things.
  • A frog is found on one of the small islands off the coast of the shore in the game
    • When picked it up, Pyscho says," It's a Caiman (sounds like "Calvin", a reference to Calvin Hobbes). I found it."
    • In other levels except the last one, Pyscho says,"Well..."
    • Remember to pick up ever single frog for a bonus in the last level.
  • A baby picture can be found in one of the huts near the weapons cache.
  • The name of this level is a reference to the classic novel Moby Dick.


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