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Capture the Relay is your basic Capture the Flag objective game mode in Crysis 3.


One relay is located at each team's base. Players much grab the enemy team's relay and bring it back to their relay to score one point. A point can only be scored if the team's relay is still at the base. The team with the most points at the end of the two rounds wins the game. Each round lasts Seven Minutes and 30 Seconds (7:30). Grabbing a relay from the enemy team will earn the player 100 XP. While the relay is being held, only the Secondary Weapon can be used.

The relay can be manually dropped and picked up at any time. 250 XP will be earned once the relay has been captured. To take back a relay, players must kill the one who stole it and pick it up to instantly send it back to their base. A small red “Kill” icon will be located over the head of the player who stole the relay while it's in their possession. This icon will refresh the location every two seconds. If a friendly player stole the relay from the enemy team, a small teal “Escort” icon will be located over the player's head. This icon will not need location refreshing.