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Central Cavern

228px-Map central cavern
Crysis 3
Support Bonuses

Maximum Radar


Maximum Nanosuit

EMP Blast

Game Types
Team Instant Action


Central Cavern is a multiplayer map featured in Crysis 3.


Central Cavern is a large Crysis 3 multiplayer map set inside an alien cavern beneath Central Park. It is fairly large and widespread with a variety of areas - depending on which you choose, close-quarters or long-range combat will be perfect. Half of the map is basic cave terrain filled with numerous areas to climb, jump and flank from. The variety means it may be more difficult for those playing C.E.L.L vs Rebel as they are unable to power jump, but allows for quick and easy travel for Nanosuit users. The other half of the level is filled with alien technology and platforms, lending a choice of two options - a full-on frontal assault, a tactical flanking attack or a long-ranged execution.

The holographic pads scattered around the Ceph architecture can be used to activate alien containers, to which their current purpose is unknown.