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The Ceph Command Units, appear in two variants known as "Grunt Commanders" and "Stalker Commanders" are elite Ceph warriors that supposedly act as field officers for lower-ranking Ceph. They only appear in Crysis 2. Ceph Commanders drop 300 Nano Catalyst upon death. Grunt and Stalker Commanders usually lead squads of 2-5 Ceph Grunt and Stalker Units. 


Grunt Commanders and Stalker Commanders are about as tall as Grunts and Stalkers, measuring at least 8 feet tall. Their exoskeletons resemble those worn by Guardian Units, but are colored much darker and a bit slimmer. Commanders also wear helmets that have two red-colored panels on each side of the face rather than the multiple "eyes" of other Ceph units.

Another notable difference that the Commanders have compared to their minions, aside from their equipment, is that the jelly-like "flesh" of the Commanders is crimson colored instead of pink.

When they activate their energy shield, Grunt and Stalker Commander armor is instantly covered in a constantly-moving reddish body-shielding. This shielding can withstand 12-15 hollow-point rounds. Before going down the shields recharge in approximately 5 or less seconds. The Commanders are harder to deal with as they are stronger than their "minion" counterparts in every aspect by some margin. You cannot Stealth-kill them when the sheild is activated.

Combat Strategy[]

When Grunt and Stalker Commanders are shot, they usually activate their armor shield, making them highly-resistant to ballistic damage; this renders a bullet-fueled attack useless until the shield lowers. Fortunately, explosive and martial-based attacks are unaffected. Either grabbing or power-punching can solve your Commander problem. On the other hand, stealth kills can instantly kill a Commander - - stealth kill is not possible once they turn their shield on. Take heed, Commanders are always found with at least one or two lackeys, so keep your eyes open for more Ceph.

They have much the same weak points as normal Ceph, however, it is more armoured.


  • Grunt and Stalker Commander flesh are crimson-red unlike the pink jelly of Grunts and Stalkers .This could denote some biological superiority over the two.