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A ceph dropship taking off from the Hive

"Magnificent, isn't it? Like some vast coral arcology. Can we even doubt that these creatures evolved in an ocean?"
Hargreave upon Alcatraz seeing a dropship up close.

Ceph Dropships are medium sized aircrafts appearing in Crysis 2.


Dropships are capable of transporting six Ceph Pods. Only two dropships are shot down during the game. One is shot down by C.E.L.L. helicopters in Sudden Impact and another is shot down by a SAM turret in Train to Catch. Whenever the player comes in contact with a dropship, they drop only four of the six pods, and the Ceph units that are released from the pods vary between Stalkers, Grunts, and Grunt Commanders.


The Ceph Dropship appears in multiplayer. It can be see delivering the pods in Crash Site; it can't be shot out of the sky, however.


  • There are two types of dropships:
    • The normal ones that appear very commonly in the game
    • The bigger ones that are encountered in Dark Heart and crashing in Sudden Impact
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to shoot down a Dropship: in Out of the Ashes, when the player gets to operate the armored vehicle, he or she can shoot down the Dropships that are flying overhead with missiles, but it requires precise aiming and timing.