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Ceph Grunt Commander units are a variations of Ceph Grunts that appear in Crysis 2.


Ceph Combat Command Units are very similar to the Stalker Commanders. Both have dark, red-colored flesh resembling jelly underneath their armored exoskeletons. The Grunt and Stalker Commanders also have red-colored shields that activate when the player's presence is discovered. Upon death, Ceph Grunt Commanders will drop 300 Nano Catalyst. They also have slightly different helmets, displaying their eyes more as slits rather than a standard grunts more circular eyes.


The main differences between Grunt and Stalker Commanders are that they command different units and wield different weapons. The Grunt Commanders are in control of a squad of Grunts and have a pulse rifle attached to their arm, as opposed to the blade of the Stalker Commanders. Once a battle starts, the Grunt Commander will activate its shield, which emits a red glow. Once enough damage is dealt to the Grunt Commander, its shield will dissipate and the Grunt Commander becomes as vulnerable as the Grunts that serve underneath them.

As for their main weapon, the Grunt Commanders fires their weapon with slower rate of fire akin to a DMR that deals more damage to you than ones fired from standard Grunt.