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Alien gunship

Ceph gunship

Ceph gunships are small armed Ceph aircraft that are slightly larger than human helicopters.

Crysis 2[]

In Crysis 2, The Ceph Gunship will function like a helicopter for the Ceph later in the game. The gunship can be seen hauling personel/materiel for ceph. These hauler version can be recognized by additional "tail" with multiple cylinder attached to it. The "tail" can be detached for a better maneuverability.


Gunships have very strong armor and are best shot down with an HMG, a JAW, or with several salvoes from the Swarmer. Its armament consists of a very powerful plasma chaingun and a launch system that can fire multiple energy projectiles, similar to the Swarmer in both function and effect. Though they are nearly impossible to circle around, the Gunship has the same glowing-red weak point on their back as Pingers. Player is advised to have protection area which offer cover from top attack in engaging the gunship.


Gunships appear in the multiplayer as a support bonus upon collecting seven (6 with Retriever module II) dog tags. Ceph Gunships appear to serve a similar role as human helicopter gunships, firing at players and acting as a sentry for areas.

Crysis 3[]


Ceph Gunship returns in Crysis 3 and mostly appears in VTOL levels.


Ceph Gunship returns in Crysis 3 multiplayer mode and as in Crysis 2 it works as a support bonus after collecting a certain amount of dog tags.


  • It appears that the gunships can "fly" underwater as seen in the first mission, the gunship came from the water, throwing Alcatraz into the air.
  • It's the second Ceph vehicle that can go underwater, first one being the Warrior.
  • This Ceph vehicle as seen in the Story Trailer, is capable of firing many projectiles, possibly rockets at a rapid rate. The projectiles could home in on a target without missing. The projectiles blow up and cause a large elecrical blast.