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Ceph Reavers are new enemies in Crysis 3. They appear to be darker versions of Ceph Grunts from Crysis 2. There are two variants of the Reavers (see below for more detail).


The Ceph Reaver's organic bodies are purple just like the Stalker in Crysis 3, only they don't have spikes or claws. They are armed with a Pinch Rifle just like Ceph Grunts but tend to use the secondary, shotgun mode.  

Reavers tend to have dark-grey or black armor instead of silver. Their helmets have a distinctive look from other grunts: they possess one big red eye hole on the right side of their faces and two smaller ones on their left side. 

Combat Strategy []

The Predator Bow with strong draw weight or medium draw weight using carbon inpact tip can take down a Reaver in one shot although it's recommended to be cloaked while you do it.