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The Ceph Trooper is a levitating robotic unit in Crysis and Crysis Warhead that, unlike the Scout, is designed for ground operations. They are small, very tricky, and maneuverable, capable of attaching to ceilings and walls and leaping onto platforms. They are relatively easy to take down. Troopers have four clawed tentacles for melee combat, which are instantly lethal if they are allowed to execute a leap attack without a Nanosuited operative having Armor engaged, and two hands for interacting with objects. They can compact themselves and be attached to pods the tentacles of Scouts and dropped to the ground when desired, allowing the rapid deployment of Troopers. Troopers resemble miniature versions of the Scout with only four tentacles. They are usually accompanied by a Guardian Trooper.


In Crysis, Troopers are first seen in Core and first fought in Paradise Lost. In Reckoning, Helena Rosenthal sends a signal through Nomad's Nanosuit that causes several Troopers to overload on power from the USS Constitution's nuclear reactors and progressively malfunction until they can no longer operate.

Crysis Warhead[]

In Crysis Warhead, they are first encountered in Adapt or Perish. In Crysis Warhead there are also Guardian Troopers, encased in energy shields that they can also use to protect fellow Troopers. These shields cannot be damaged by gunfire, but explosives and gauss rounds can destroy it given time, alternatively they can be taken down by killing the Trooper providing the shields, or by using an EMP Grenade.

Fighting techniques[]

Most Troopers will have a MOAC, though in groups, one might have a MOAR. They appear to have a high resistance to automatic fire even at close range. Therefore, the Shotgun is a better choice, even if it can't take one down with the first shot. Fragmenation Grenades also are effective at destroying the troopers, as they take 300% more damage from explosives than gunfire. Troopers can also use their tentacles as weapons, which cause massive amounts of damage even to Nanosuit users. Troopers can be grabbed by the collar-ridge and upon being thrown will die, although their melee attacks make this strategy dangerous. Holding a Trooper for too long will cause it to self-destruct. Like Scouts, Troopers are designed to explode several seconds after death. Strangely, the explosion deals more damage compared to the scout, which does an extremely low amount of damage. A useful way to dispatch large amounts of Troopers is with EMP grenades, which knock out their systems.

Pre-Crysis Trooper

Pre-Crysis Troopers.


  • Interestingly, early screenshots and schematics found in Core (where the first Hunter is seen climbing up a wall) suggest that the Trooper was originally designed with six tentacles and insect-like looks — this seems to have been changed, however, as all Troopers encountered in the games have four tentacles.
  • Upon being grabbed, Troopers may cry out for help.