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City Hall

Tactical Overview of City Hall
Crysis 2
Support Bonuses

Maximum Radar

Orbital Strike

Maximum Nanosuit

Game Types
Team Instant Action
Single Player Level
Seat of Power

City Hall is a multiplayer map in Crysis 2.


Welcome to City Hall, or what’s left of it... This proud icon of New York has been ravaged by some form of alien craft and looks in danger of imminent collapse. Snipers can use the ruined sky bridge to gain a vantage point over much of the level, whilst the really adventurous can perch on the alien tentacle itself. With so many twisting turns and changes of height the enemy could be lurking anywhere so use the hologram decoy to lure them out. Capture the Flag matches work especially well here.

City Hall is the smallest map found in Crysis 2's multiplayer. This map has two great vantage points on both sides of the map, making great sniping positions. The map may be small, but longer range encounters may occasionally occur.