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Cloak Tracker is a singleplayer and multiplayer Nanosuit Stealth Module (Visor in Single Player) that allows the player to see enemies that are cloaked.


The module allows the player to see cloaked enemies which is shown by small flake like sparks on the body. When upgraded to level 2 it shows enemies with a higher definition. When upgraded to level 3 the enemies are shown in the same way your own cloaked team mates are. One drawback is that to level it you need to kill cloaked enemies, which is rather difficult. Level 1 cloak tracker is nigh on useless, whilst the next two upgrades make it a powerful ally upon the field of battle. In singleplayer the module is located on the Index Finger (Visor Modules) in the Module section and is unlocked for 16,000 Nano Catalyst.


  • Upgrade II - Increased visibility of cloaked enemies.
  • Upgrade III - Maximum visibility of cloaked enemies.