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Coltan-Titanium is a metal alloy located on the CryNet Nanosuit 2. Its purpose is to seal the suit whilst providing additional protection to the wearer.


Nanosuit 0013

Carbon-titanium as seen on a nanosuit

Coltan-Titanium protects the wearer from forces which could potentially damage or degrade the performance of the wearer (such as water, as well as chemicals and radiation) from leaking into the suit and harming the operator. This is accomplished by using Coltan-Titanium locking points which hold separate nano-fiber cables together, creating a tight seal. The Coltan-Titanium also provides kinetic and energy damage resistance in high-wear zones on the Nanosuit 2 (such as the knees, elbows, fingertips, boots, and knuckles).

On the Nanosuit 2, the Coltan-Titanium is further reinforced with Carboplatinum at its insertion points (the location where the coltan-titanium intercepts the nano-fiber). The only nanosuit to use coltan-titanium is CryNet's Nanosuit 2.