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"Major Strickland, if you can hear me, you've got to get everyone off this island. There's thousands of these things that are waking up!."

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Paradise Lost

Core is the seventh mission in the Crysis singleplayer. In this mission, Nomad, after having secured Helena Rosenthal, finds himself trapped under the mountain with the noticeable way out through the inhospitable Ceph structure which runs across the entire Island.


After having rescued Helena and evacuated via VTOL, Nomad becomes trapped inside the former Excavation Site. He has to find his way out on his own. The VTOL pilot begins losing radio signal upon Nomad's entry to the cave. Nomad finds that the cave is abnormal, much more like a Ceph structure. He moves until he spots a damaged Ceph Scout. After the Scout retreats, zero-gravity ensues, and Nomad turns his thrusters on to move around. He passes through a tunnel and soon starts to realize that he is not alone down there.

Always one step ahead of him is a Naked Alien; he keeps moving through the tunnel until he reaches a generator that generates wind blow. He destroys it and moves forward. Nomad follows the tunnel, goes upward, and is confronted by another alien. Nomad moves on until he reaches a large generator chamber. He learns that these Cephs are in a stasis state, waiting for further order. He destroys all generators and escapes. The Ceph begins to become aware of him. Nomad moves downward until he finds that the aliens have been gathering objects from outside, and there are electrical biologic tentacles around the ship. He moves on until he reaches Ceph hatchers. He slips through the shields and moves toward an unknown internal transportation.

He is then sent through several places, where he spots a new kind of alien. Nomad finally leaves the transportation and sees a schematic of the ship, and a large commanding room-like chamber which houses several Scouts, Troopers, Cephs, and a Ceph Hunter. Large gates open and allow Nomad to move out. He reaches the exit point, but has to fight multiple aliens before exiting. After he has entered the final gate, radio signal can be received by the VTOL pilot. Nomad reaches the exit point.




  • There are two radios; the first one is at the starting point of the mission and the second one is inside the first of the outside object storages.
  • This mission is the combination of all final levels of Pre-Crysis, in which Nomad has to destroy the alien ship from inside.
  • This is the first mission to have the player fight multiple Ceph at once.
  • If a player uses maximum speed and sprints, he may traverse the areas which pushes Nomad back un-affected by the push back force. (the areas which require Nomad to destroy generators in order to pass) However due to the limited energy pool of the Suit it is not possible to traverse the entire length.


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