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Covert Ops is a singleplayer and multiplayer Nanosuit Stealth Module that reduces the sound of the player's footsteps.


Covert Ops animated

Covert Ops being used in Multiplayer

The module decreases the sound of the player's footsteps which makes sneaking behind or moving around while cloaked an easier task. When upgraded to level 2 it provides protection against the Ceph Airstrike bonus, which means you can take enemies by surprise as most would not expect you to be alive amidst the chaos of the Airstrike. The third upgrade makes enemy footsteps louder within range which means you will hear when an enemy is nearby. In singleplayer the module is located on the Little Finger (Stealth Modules) in the Module section and is unlocked for 1000 Nano Catalyst.


  • Upgrade II - Provides protection against the Ceph Airstrike Bonus.
  • Upgrade III - Makes the sound enemy footsteps louder.