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Crash Site is a new multiplayer game mode in Crysis 2. Teams have to secure an area that an object crashed onto. The crash site will be in a variety of locations, with each one requiring different tactics to defend it.


The mode returns in Crysis 3 with few upgrades. As in Crysis 2 an alien ship will drop a pod which players will need to secure it. Players will need to be in close proximity of pod to get additional points and to secure it. Now the pod holds two shield which you can use defend yourself against enemy team players or use it as a projectile and throw it at the enemy. There also lantern poles which the player can throw at enemies.

The mode will have Pinger which the players will be able to control it and use it against enemy team. Pinger can also be hijacked, by simply jumping onto it and removing the player from the cockpit. Each pinger will be dropped from a dropship, it's unknown if it will be dropped nearby the crashsite or it will drop at a random location.