Kuanti Class Cruiser
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Cruisers (Kuanti Class in game file) are large naval units used extensively by Korean People's Navy.

Description Edit

Cruisers are large, heavily armed military vessels. They are larger and more heavily armed than destroyers, although less common. They are used extensively by KPN to secure the waters around the island.


KPA Cruiser

Armament Edit

Cruisers are armed with two turrets located on the bow and stern, each featuring a pair of naval guns, as well as two turreted dual-purpose guns, and four multiple-missile launchers. Cruisers can be outfitted with different weapons to better suit different operational requirements. In Assault, the cruiser seen in Hongzoo Harbor is armed with two naval guns on the bow turret and three SAM launchers. It also features a helipad on the stern. Two Shi Tens are mounted on the deck above the helipad.

Story Edit

In Crysis, cruisers are first seen patrolling the waters around the island from Contact to Recovery, and they will open fire if the player strays too far from the shore. Another cruiser is in Hongzoo Harbor where it is disrupting US forces with a jamming device, preventing them from targeting the AAAs from the air. It is finally sunk by an air strike when Nomad disables its jamming device. No more cruisers are seen afterward.

In Crysis Warhead, the same cruiser that is destroyed in Hongzoo Harbor is seen in the opening cutscene. Later in Call me Ishmael, some more cruisers are still on patrol around the island. Again, they are not seen again afterward.

Notes Edit

  • There are no signs that the KPN ever fought the US Navy.
  • Cruisers will launch missiles at the player if they wander too far away from the shore.
  • The second version of Kuanti class (cruiser with three SAM launchers) is even smaller than a destroyer.
  • It is possible that most cruisers retreated or picked up retreating KPA forces later in the story, rather than engaging the US Navy or Alien forces.
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