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There are several different Game Modes available in Crysis 3 Multiplayer. You’ll find each mode listed below, along with a brief overview of how each one works.



Hunter mode

A unique Viral-based gamemode. Teams of two Hunters, armed with Bows and infinite stealth energy have to eliminate CELL Operatives who have crash landed in the level. As each CELL member dies, they become part of the Hunter team and seek to eliminate their former allies - tipping the balance as the match progresses.



Spears mode

Capture three Alien Spears while preventing the enemy from doing the same. A captured spear emits a shield, providing some cover to nearby players. Once captured a team does not need to stay in the radius of the spear to acquire points. First team to earn 100 points wins.

Crash Site[]


Crash Site mode

Capture and hold energy from downed alien pods while preventing the enemy team from doing the same thing. Players earn points by remaining in proximity to the captured objective.


This is a free-for-all deathmatch mode. In this game mode there are no teams, only enemies, so kill everyone to score the most points within the time limit.

Team Deathmatch[]

This is a basic team-based deathmatch mode. You must kill enemies to score points, and the first team to reach the score limit or finish with the highest score when the timer ends wins.



Assault mode

A Team of Nanosuit-equipped operative players must sneak between different consoles to download data. Their opponents, a player-team of CELL soldiers must work together to stop them. This is a single-life Game Mode in which defeated players cannot respawn until the current round has ended.There are three classes per team.



Extraction mode

Teams of Nanosuit-equipped operatives are dropped off by a VTOL. They must extract as many devices from separate locations on the map as possible in the five minutes available to them in each round. The teams switch after 5 minutes, so attackers will become defenders and vice versa.

Capture the Relay[]


Capture the Relay mode

Capture the enemy’s relay and return it to your base to score. The team with the highest number of captures wins. Matches are split into two rounds, with the teams swapping sides at half-time.