Crysis Wiki

All the suit modules featured in Crysis 3 multiplayer mode.


Auto Armor (Default)[]

Automatically activate armor mode when taking damage.

Armor Transfer (Lv 10)[]

  1. Kill restores 10% armour energy
  2. Kill restores 20% armour energy
  3. Kill restores 30% armour energy

Ordnance Alert (Lv 16)[]

  1. Enemy R.E.X. charges are highlighted
  2. Automatic alert when in enemy sights
  3. Enemy bullet trails are highlighted

Retriever (Lv 24)[]

  1. Automatically collect Dog Tags from killed enemies
  2. Support Bonuses require one less Dog Tag to activate
  3. Support Bonuses remain active for longer

Detonation Delay (Lv 26)[]

  1. Delays the detonation of nearby enemy grenades and R.E.X. charges
  2. Player is less affected by flash bang grenades
  3. Provides an automatic defense against missile attacks

Xp Bonus (Lv 30)[]

  1. In game XP increased by 5%
  2. In game XP increased by 10%
  3. In game XP increased by 15%


Phantom (Default)[]

  1. Faster transition in and out of stealth mode
  2. No sound when entering stealth mode
  3. Stealth shutdown time reduced when shooting from stealth

Scout (Default)[]

  1. Enemy directions shown on mini map when maximum radar is active
  2. Single radar sweep on respawn
  3. Health bars shown above enemies

Hunter (Lv 8)[]

  1. Make no footstep or suit sounds when moving
  2. Uncloaked enemy footsteps appear highlighted on the ground
  3. Directional updates on footsteps and extended trail range

Low Profile (Lv 14)[]

  1. Provides protection from enemy Maximum Radar bonus
  2. No heat signature in Nanovision
  3. Evade enemy Ceph Gunship targeting

Surveillance (Lv 20)[]

  1. Highlights enemies through weapon scopes
  2. Auto-tag enemy players for your entire team when viewing them through weapon scopes
  3. Enemies are unable to tag you


Heavy Weapon Pro (Default)[]

  1. Faster movement speed with alien/mounted weapons
  2. Rip off and interact with sandbox/ alien tech faster
  3. Extra ammunition in alien/ heavy weapons

Weapon Pro (Default)[]

  1. Reloading is quicker
  2. ADS is quicker
  3. Weapon switching is quicker

Point Fire Enhance (Lv 6)[]

  1. Hip fire spread reduced by 15%
  2. Hip fire spread reduced by 20%
  3. Hip fire spread reduced by 25%

Rapid Fire (Lv 12)[]

  1. Fire rate increased by 15%
  2. Fire rate increased by 20%
  3. Fire rate increased by 25%

Maneuverability (Lv 18)[]

  1. Faster movement speed
  2. Increase ledge grab and vault speed.
  3. No fall damage.

Aim Enhance (Lv 22)[]

  1. Recoil while using sights reduced by 10%
  2. Recoil while using sights reduced by 20%
  3. Recoil while using sights reduced by 30%

Expanded Arsenal (Lv 28)[]

  1. Allows an additional primary weapon to be carried in place of a secondary
  2. Additional ammo magazine for primary and secondary weapons
  3. Additional grenade or explosive