This naming policy is a policy on how articles are named.

The Duck Test Edit

The following should help you determine whether to split, or merge:

  • If a weapon looks the same, functions the same, but is named differently, merge.
    • Article should invoke real-life when named to preserve consistency.
  • If a weapon is named the same, functions the same, but looks differently, merge.
  • If a weapon is named the same, looks the same, but functions in a drastically different way, split.

Characters Edit

Characters in the games appear with their name being their rank and their last name. With the problem of people being promoted, titling an article about a character with their rank in the title is a bad idea. What about Private Kelly? Would we title his article "Private Kelly", "Corporal Kelly", or "Sergeant Kelly"? For this reason, articles are to be titled by their names. Not just their last name, their whole name (if available). We would title Kelly's article "Stephen Kelly", rather than just "Kelly".

Levels Edit

Levels are named as they are named as in their respective game.

Weapons Edit

Weapons are named how they are in-game. If, however, their name is not given/heard in-game, then use the real life name.

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