Although the Crysis Wiki is a large database, there are some items in the series that are more notable than others. The following are some guidelines about what is covered:

  • Explicitly major items from the Crysis series that can be identified by everyone are covered. (ex. Crysis 2, Lockhart)
  • Anything that the player has distinct access to is covered. This includes weapons and equipment. (ex. Tank, DSG-1)
  • Articles that are specific to their subject take precedence in notability. (ex. New York City over New York)
  • Countries that play a major geopolitical role in the series are notable. (ex. United States)
    • Article precedence still applies.
  • Events, places or people that are referred to across more than one level are covered, provided they do not consist of large amounts of real life information.
  • Characters with a fixed name that are either consistently seen in a mission or have roles that extend across many missions are notable. (ex. Chino, Prophet)
    • Characters who are mentioned in non-battle chat are also covered.
  • Vehicles that play an active role in a mission are covered. (ex. Tank, Humvee)
  • Real-life articles must have some pertinence to the scope of the wiki. (ex. United States Marine Corps)
    • In general, articles about a real-life subject should be included provided their involvement in the series can be covered more extensively on this wiki rather than another website. (exceptions might include Crytek and the like)

Anything that falls outside this criteria is subject for either speedy deletion or being nominated for deletion at Articles for Deletion, depending on the situation.

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