Signatures are an essential part of wiki discussions, indicating which comments are posted by which editors. While signatures should not be used on article pages, editors are required to sign off their posts on Talk pages and Forum threads. The default signature, including name and timestamp, can be generated by typing ~~~~ or using the signature button on the edit bar.

Editors are permitted to use custom signatures. However, these are required to follow a set of guidelines.

Usernames Edit

Names used in signatures must be consistent with the Wikia username. Users' signatures must perfectly reflect their username, including all numbers and symbols. Users may include extra links in their signature, but their full username must be present.


Users are not permitted to use any images in their signatures. Users found incorporating images in their signature will be warned and subsequently blocked, if need be.

Used spaceEdit

Signatures may not be more than 30 pixels high. This includes big font sizes, but also the length of a signature. A signature may not be so long that when viewed in the Wikia skin with the toolbar aside it, it is wider than one line. Also, signatures may not take up more than one line (any enters in the signature's code should be removed, as when it is used in an indented list (replies to others) it will break up the signature when there are enters in the code). the <noinclude> tag may be put around enters to make the code look cleaner, or <!-- and --> may be put around codes to prevent them from having such effects.

Prefix in Templates Edit

Templated signatures must have a prefix of 'Sig/' or 'Signature/' before the user's name (ex. {{Sig/Example}}).


Users are required to sign with timestamps to show when they contributed. Restating the above, timestamps can be placed manually by typing five tildes (~~~~~).


Any links on a signature that do not operate in the way they appear are forbidden as they can cause confusion among users. Also, any links that are made with the intention to trick a user are not allowed. This includes links that log users out.


Signatures should not be over 1KB long. If they are, an administrator will make a new custom editing button for the user, and they would be required to use that to insert their signature instead of ~~~~.

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