Crytek is a German gaming company founded in 1998 by three Turkish brothers: Cevat, Avni, and Faruk Yerli. Crytek's main headquarters are in Frankfurt, Germany, with five other studios in Kiev, Ukraine; Budapest, Hungary; Sofia, Bulgaria, İstanbul; Nottingham, England; and Austin, Texas(USA).[1]

Crytek's development team is made up of 296 game professionals from Europe (249), Asia (24), North America (14), Oceania (7) and Africa (1).[2] They are best known for developing the game Far Cry and the CryENGINE that the game uses, and more recently Crysis and CryENGINE 2. In the production for Crysis 2, they developed CryENGINE 3. They have since released Crysis 3.

Crytek has partnerships with Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, NVIDIA, Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, FMOD, Scaleform, Xoreax Software, Sparkasse Coburg, and Rating Services. Crytek's development team is composed of game professionals from over 32 nations.

Games Created

Crytek is known for the Far Cry and Crysis games.


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