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Kenny "Cupcake" Wilson is a member of the US Army Delta Force's Eagle Team appearing in Crysis Warhead.


As most Nanosuit-equipped infantrymen are assigned a codename based at least partially on personality, race, or traits, it may be assumed that "Cupcake" might not be the best man to take to a gunfight. He appears in Crysis Warhead.

However, in the military, nicknames are given ironically as often as not, so "cupcake" may be an in-joke. Indeed, with that codename he is likely to be the toughest of the team.

His real name was not revealed until Crysis 3 in a C.E.L.L. Datafile.

During Crysis Warhead[]

Cupcake is first introduced, along with the rest of the Eagle Team, in Adapt or Perish. Together with Psycho, Eagle Team fight the Ceph on their way through the frozen lands. Cupcake is often seen handling explosives, detonating C4 to clear paths. In Frozen Paradise Cupcake suffers a hit from a Korean Nanosuit sniper, alerting the others of enemy presence. Despite knocked off his feet from the hit, Cupcake appeared to be alright.

After dispatching the enemies, Eagle Team parts ways with Psycho, as they have to track down the third US Nanosuit team, Hawk Team. After finding all of its members dead, Eagle Team made their way to the Pacific Shores Mine, where they meet up with Psycho once again. While the rest of the team fight a wave of Cephs back, Cupcake works on placing C4 to blow open the mine entrance. The low temperature however, makes the explosives unable to detonate, but the attacking Hunter solves the problem by accidentally blasting the entrance open.

Psycho enters the mine, but a cave-in prevents Eagle Team from following. In Below the Thunder Eagle Team is said to be "alive, but under heavy assault", and not heard from again. Commander Emerson ensured Psycho that she would bring Eagle Team any support she could give. Later it is revealed that Eagle Team has secured their position and are heading back to the USS Constitution.

After Warhead[]

It is revealed in a datafile that he was killed by C.E.L.L. Strike Teams.

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