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Cyrus Harper was a British navy officer, and the last captain of the HMS Robin Hood.


Harper joined the british navy at the end of the century, and served until his mid-fifties, for thirty years, in low intensity conflicts: Iraq, the London Emergency, where aboard the HMS Anguish he fired on south London, Sry Lanka, Columbia, and even dealing with Ceph nests.

In 2034, when received the Robin Hood's command, and the ship was to make his maiden voyage, it has to be his last trip, as he hadn't renewed his service. With his wife, Rachel, wanted to buy a home in Dorset, where she expected to continue teaching, and he expected to work as consultant for companies of ship building.

However, when the ship arrived to New York City, Harper cannot obey the orders to bombard Yonkers, crushing the Resistance, In place of that, he ordered the arrest of Stevens, his first officer, ordered the ship to approach to the coast and disembarked with a reduced team. They contacted with Karl Ernst Rasch, his leader. Both formed an alliance, and Harper promised to join the resistance's assault to NYC Liberty Dome. The CryNet Nanosuit soldier Dane went with them.

After their boat was destroyed, the almost drowned Harper was rescued by Dane, and helped him to arrive the Hood. There, they were attacked by CELL's loyalists. After Dane killed some, Harper forced to spare them at gunpoint. Together they successfully retaken the ship.

Death and Legacy[]

Stevens was taken alive, but Harper, which was giving orders to initiate the attack to suport the Resistance, had underestimated CELL: They've given at Stevens an transponder which allowed them to locate the camouflaged Hood, and shoot him with the Archangel platform. The ship and all his crew were instantly vaporized. Only Dane survived, barely.

The next day, the Resistance units on Yonkers suffered a massive CELL assault. The soldier Chino believed the British have betrayed them, but Dane tells him the truth.


Harper, at his last trip, was a tall, craggy man, with a hooked nose which give him a bird-of-prey appearance.