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The DSG-1 is a sniper rifle featured in the Crysis series.


The DSG1 Precision Rifle is the KPA's sniper rifle.



  • The rounds fired from the Precision Rifle do not lose damage over distance, allowing the rifle to retain its effectiveness at long range.
  • Sniper rounds inflict severe damage, enough to kill a normal human in one hit.
  • The DSG1 in multiplayer of Crysis WARS can kill another player in a well placed headshot, even at more than 400 meters.


  • The DSG1 has a low rate-of-fire, making it unsuitable for close combat.
  • Its ammunition is rare, available in smaller quantities than Gauss Rifle's. but snipers are more frequent durning the middle chapters of the game 
  • Although the damage it inflicts can instantly kill an unarmored target with a body shot, it is not powerful enough to be an effective Nanosuit killer requring 1-2 headshots (if armor is on,2)

Crysis 2

The DSG-1 returns from the last game, but fires the .405 round. It is first available in "Lab Rat" from killing a C.E.L.L. soldier. It can kill most human targets in a single headshot or single body shots, and most Ceph with a single jelly shot or two body shots.


Accuracy: 6

Rate of fire: 4

Mobility: 4

Damage: 8

Range: 6



  • It deals a high amount of damage, and is very accurate at long ranges, making it ideal for long-range, precision strikes.
  • It can be silenced, allowing for stealthy, long-range strikes.
  • It can use the Reflex Sight, allowing for some versatility and use at medium ranges.


  • The DSG-1 must be steadied for more accurate shots, which consumes suit energy at a rapid pace. However, this is not necessary.
  • The magazine capacity and ammunition reserve is significantly less than the DSG1 from the first game.


  • The DSG-1 rifle can also be found in the final level of Crysis, inside the XO's office after the aliens attack the carrier, leaning against the desk.
  • The DSG-1 in Crysis 2's Multiplayer incorporates a 100% Armor efficiency reduction, meaning Armored targets will be damaged similarly to unarmored targets.
  • The manufacturer of the weapon is named after Nathan Camarillo, the executive producer of Crysis 2.
  • Despite the rifle being semiautomatic in Crysis 2, when doing a dry reload the player opens a bolt, removes the magazine, and closes the bolt again.


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