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Darkheart (60)
Dark Heart
Crysis 2 Missions:

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Second Chance
Sudden Impact
Road Rage
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Seat of Power
Dark Heart
Semper Fi or Die
Corporate Collapse
Train to Catch
Unsafe Haven
Power Out
Eye of the Storm
Masks Off
Out of the Ashes
A Walk in the Park


Dark Heart is the ninth mission of Crysis 2.


The US Department of Defense planned to bomb the Flood Barriers protecting New York City and drown the Lower part of Manhattan to wipe out the Ceph. Alcatraz travels through the subway tunnels near City Hall, fighting hordes of Ceph warriors. He eventually finds several of the long, tentacle-like spires, which disperse spores over the city and poison the population.

Hargreave explains that the alien DNA merging with the Nanosuit 2 allows it to destroy the alien spires, acting as a vaccine. Hargreave reveals that time is of the essence because, contrary to his objections, the Pentagon is planning on flooding the city in an attempt to drown the Ceph. Alcatraz manages to reach the evacuation helicopter but is too late to escape the flood.


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